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What The Web?!

There is probably no creative industry that won't be deeply affected by generative AI. The webdesign is no exception. But designing a website with AI can be quite challenging. You may find yourself asking many questions like:

  • Which tool should I use?
  • What version of that tool?
  • How should I prompt it?
  • What upscale should I use?
  • Does the page look good on all devices?
  • Picking the right colors and

We have great tools such as ChatGPT, MidJourney, Dalle-3, as well as many models for Stable diffusion. However, these are not web generators; they are great building blocks that require balancing, tweaking, and a considerable amount of expertise and time. You need bricks to build a house, but bricks alone are not enough.

I created the easy way to design your own web using generative AI.

Who is behind?

Portrait photo of Pavol Hejný

Pavol Hejný

I'm Pavol, a web app designer and developer. I have created projects like H-edu, Collboard and much more. I'm determined to make technology more accessible and efficient for all.

Portrait photo of Jiří Jahn

Jiří Jahn

I'm a math major who enjoys solving problems. I like to look for analogies between seemingly unrelated things, especially if it helps to elegantly solve a problem. I believe that humanity is currently using only about 1% of its technological potential, and I am ready to change that.

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AInautes, the crew to guide your corporate ship through the turbulent, unpredictable, novel and amazing seas of artificial intelligence. We are a leading European generative AI consultancy, composed of a dynamic team of seasoned hackers, artificial intelligence geeks, and dedicated researchers, alongside startup innovators, industry experts, and experienced consultancy professionals.